Securing Energy Infrastructures

Did your organizations suspect a past or present attack? Threatrap experts will detect how the attack occurred, what systems were affected and any data breach, as well as we will prevent such attacks from happening again. We will monitor your critical devices and uncover any infrastructure flaws that cause disaster and can help you mitigate these vulnerabilities.

Managing and Reducing Business Risks

Nowadays the cyber threats landscape is well organized and constantly evolving. Sophisticated attacks target energy infrastructures threatening sensitive data and control systems. Defending supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, distributed control systems (DCS), programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) or any other smaller control system against latest advanced cyber attacks, is now a big challenge. But we can help you. Our ICS Security Team will closely work with your organization to evaluate, understand and review the security exposure of your infrastructure. We will help you create a realistic cyber defense policy that enables you to be prepared for any attacks and safeguard your critical data and operations.